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  • favorite driver (now)
  • top 3 drivers (any era)
  • favorite track
  • GP you’re looking forward to the most
  • BBC or sky?
  • word that comes to mind when you think F1
  • what F1 merch do you own? which is your favorite?
  • race you wish you could relive watching
  • first 4 drivers you can think of
  • where do you usually watch the races
  • draw an f1 car  (it can be shit don’t worry)
So I did the Ice Bucket Challenge.. Thanks Katy (for-one-last-time) for nominating me x) I’ve nominated my sister Camille, Nina (therosea) & Chelsea (r0sberg) ;)) x

xxi vii replied to your post: xxi-vii replied to your post “Soooooo…

Seriously if you wanna do it go for it. I’ve always dreamed of just spontaneously saying ok fuck it I’m out and travel somewhere just because. Trust me it’s such a fantastic feeling. :)

Yeah I’ve done it before (booked my flight for New York 4 days before leaving etc..) & I really want to, but I’m not sure my dad will be okay with it though.. but I’m having a look at it all :))

xxi-vii replied to your post “Sooooooooo, I actually really want to go to Monza next week? Should I…”

Hotel in Milan near Porta Garibaldi or Milano Centrale, take the train/bus to Monza every day, and don’t worry about being alone… I did it too, and there’s some tumblr folks there to meet up with! :)

Oh thanks ;)! I’ll have a look at that then ^_^


"What about your family, how difficult is it for Raffaela and your son to see you in these situations?"

Sooooooooo, I actually really want to go to Monza next week? Should I do a ‘yolo’ & go or what…

GP2 cars in Eau Rouge, Spa 2014

pictures are mine, ask here for the originals 

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Stoffel & myself | Spa Grand Prix 2014 

Jules Bianchi ‘Bitch I’m fabulous!’ - Spa Francorchamps, 21st August 2014

Arthur Pic’s Belgian Grand Prix Weekend Out of the Car (featuring other drivers and for-one-last-time ibreathformula1 and therosea


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